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The Vinyl Guide

If you like records, just starting a collection or are an uber-nerd with a house-full of vinyl, this is the podcast for you. Nate Goyer is The Vinyl Guide and discusses all things music and record-related. Nate is a 40+ year vinyl collector, owns some of the most highly desired titles and enjoys them thoroughly. The Vinyl Guide is his journey through the history of music to speak with the artists and technicians who made music history and get the stories behind the records.

Nov 20, 2023

Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden) and I nerd out on Melvins while discussing his new limited RSD vinyl release "Gory Scorch Cretins", a project developed with Melvins & team.

  • Connecting with Melvins after Chris Cornell tribute show
  • Melvins version of Spoonman
  • Working at Toshi Kasai’s studio
  • Early memories of Melvins
  • The art and evolution of Melvins
  • Matt’s favourite period/albums of Melvins
  • Work ethic of Melvins
  • Working in the studio on Matt’s songs
  • Sharing drums between Matt & Dale
  • Doing a Melvins parody of “Gluey Porch Treatments”
  • Working with Taylor Hawkins
  • Plans for “Nighttime Boogie Association”
  • So many people loved Taylor Hawkins
  • The way Taylor listened to music
  • Unreleased tracks
  • Melvins & Tom Hazelmyer artwork
  • Only 2500 “Gory Scorch Cretins” pressed on white vinyl
  • “Keep it Trippy Records” is an homage to Taylor
  • Matt’s sessions with Tony Iommi
  • Who else would Matt like to play/collaborate with?
  • New album from Pearl Jam / possible 2024 shows
  • Status of final 7 Soundgarden songs
  • KISS parodies and memories
  • “KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park”
  • Interview wrap up

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