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The Vinyl Guide

If you like records, just starting a collection or are an uber-nerd with a house-full of vinyl, this is the podcast for you. Nate Goyer is The Vinyl Guide and discusses all things music and record-related. Nate is a 40+ year vinyl collector, owns some of the most highly desired titles and enjoys them thoroughly. The Vinyl Guide is his journey through the history of music to speak with the artists and technicians who made music history and get the stories behind the records.

Apr 20, 2023

Zev Feldman, The Jazz Detective, returns to share his recent tape finds and upcoming releases for Record Store Day 2023.

Topics include:

  • Zev Feldman introduction
  • Comments on the passing of Amhad Jamal
  • Memories of Amhad Jamal reviewing recent recordings
  • The process for getting these releases issued
  • The stars aligned for...

Apr 17, 2023

With nearly 10 years working on the FREE LSD album and movie, Dimitri Coats of OFF! discusses the project, the story of OFF!, working with Raymond Pettibon, the hidden details in album art, the brotherhood of the band, the potential end of OFF! & more. PLUS the FLSD EP available on Record Store Day 2023.


Apr 13, 2023

Tim Alexander joins us to talk about his new project "Sound Cipher", share some stories from early Primus days, rare records, analog recording, the South Park 25th Anniversary concert & lots more!

Topics include:

  • Interview start
  • Forming and recording Sound Cipher
  • Were there any song structures or fully experimental?

Apr 10, 2023

Jane's Addiction co-founders Perry Farrell & Eric Avery share a studio update, discuss the band's legacy, the making of the live "Jane's Addiction" debut LP, the censorship of "Nothing's Shocking" and "Ritual de lo Habitual" album covers, the upcoming Australian tour and more.

Topics include:

  • Interview start
  • The...

Apr 7, 2023

John Brewster discusses early days & records of The Angels / Angel City, the name change, working w AC/DC and Vanda & Young at Albert Productions, the classic albums, the influence of the band on the Seattle sound and lots more.

Topics include: